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On my online store you can find a selection of my stock items or order some of my bespoke objects. My work is all hand made and takes time to get right, so once you place your order I will contact you with a completion dates. If you can't see something that you are interested that does not mean I can't make it, it just means I have not made it yet! For bespoke commissions click the contact link below.

Current start date for new work: Beginning of December

Saxon and Viking Swords

Historically accurate and hand made swords from the Early Medieval Period (Viking Age). These swords can be made sharp or blunt for reenactment use.

Saxon and Viking Axes

All of my axes are based on historical examples or on Petersen's Typology of Axes. This category includes great axes and hand axes from the 7th - 11th Centuries.

Saxon and Viking Spears

Whilst swords and axes may hold a more romanticised view in the eyes of a modern enthusiast of the Viking and Saxon period the spear is the true king of the Early Medieval battlefield. Here you will find a selection of Viking and Saxon spear heads.

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