10th - 11th Century Kings Reach Sword

This sword has been based on a sword found in the river Thames at Kings Reach in London. It is now kept in the British Museum, inventory number 1856, 7-1 1404.

It falls into the Petersen type L category and would have been used from the late 10th to early 11th Century.

The original has an inscription on one side of the blade that reads Ingelrii, possibly a competing workshop to the famous Ulfhberht swords.


Please note if you place an order for a sword it will come with a leather covered grip as standard. If you would like to order a different grip material please get in contact using the Contact Me button.


The blade is made blunt for reenactment battles (minimum 2mm edge and point rounded off to a 25mm diameter)

You can add etched decoration to the blade.

10th - 11th Century Kings Reach Sword