10th Century River Witham Sword

The River Witham sword is kept in the British Museum (Inventory No. 1848, 10-21 1)

It is a Petersen Type L Variant and the pommel and upper and lower guards are decorated with brass diamond.

The original sword had a pattern welded inscription reading +LEUTLRIT (The last T is upside down on the sword). Leutlrit or possibly Leutfrit may be a competing smith of the famous Ulfhberht, however far fewer Leutfrit swords have been found so despite being an excellent blade smith he may not have been as commercially competitive as the Ulfberht brand.


The example in the pictures has a bog oak grip. If you are interested in a different material for the grip please get in touch using the Contact Me button below.


The blade is made blunt for reenactment battles (minimum 2mm edge and point rounded off to a 25mm diameter)

You can add etched decoration to the blade.

10th Century River Witham Sword