10th Century Rosenlund Sword - Møntergården Museum, Odense

This is a Petersen Type S sword based on a find from a chamber grave in Rosenlund, Denmark. The original was found with quite a lot of other war gear and grave goods, indicated a warrior of some status. A rune stone was found not too far from the grave site dated to the same period. The translated inscription reads "Sóti placed this stone in memory of Eileifr, his brother, Ásgautr Red-shield's son", perhaps this Eileifr is the warrior who was buried at Rosenlund, or perhaps the two are unlinked.


The hilt is decorated with sterling silver and copper inlay and the grip is of bog oak (approx 500 years old) with bands of twisted copper and sterling silver wire. The original sword had an Ulfbehrt inscription on the blade which I have not included on my copy, however should you want the blade with an Ulfberht inscription you can select it in the inscriptions option when placing an order. 


The blade is made blunt for reenactment battles (minimum 2mm edge and point rounded off to a 25mm diameter)


Scabbards sold separately.

10th Century Rosenlund Sword - Møntergården Museum, Odense