14th Century Bascinet, British Museum No. 1881,0802.24

An early 14th century bascinet based one from the British Museum. The bascinet could be worn visorless but was often worn with a variety of different visors as well. It could also be worn below a great helm to give additional protection.


My bascinet is hand raised from 2mm steel. It comes with an integral padded coif fitted into a camail of 9mm alternating rivetted and solid link maille. The mail is hung from hand formed brass vervailles.


All of my helmets are custom fitted so when ordering a helmet I would need to get some measurements off you. Once I have received an order I will contact you to get the necessary measurements:

Head Circumferance
Width of head (ear to ear) using calipers
Length of head (front to back) using calipers

Eye height (from top of head to centre of eye)

Face height

Top of head to top of shoulder

Shoulder width

14th Century Bascinet, British Museum No. 1881,0802.24