7th - 11th Century Domed Spangenhelm

A spangenhelm is a helmet constructed from several plates held together with metal strips. Domed spangenhelms predate conical or pointed versions during the Viking Era, possibly being influenced by the shape of earlier migration helmets. In the UK the Shorwell helmet is a domed spangenhelm dating to the 6th Century.


This helmet has not been based on a particular find but influenced by finds and depictions in art work such as stone carvings from Chester le Street and Sockburn in England. 


The helmet is hand raised from 1.6mm mild steel. The helmet is fitted with a leather strap and brass buckle.


All of my helmets are custom fitted so when ordering a helmet I would need to get some measurements off you in any padding you might plan to wear underneath the helmet. Once I have received an order I will contact you to get the necessary measurements:

Head Circumferance
Width of head (ear to ear) using calipers
Length of head (front to back) using calipers


If you don't have an arming cap already I can provide padded caps for an additional £25. I do not make the caps myself but a fellow craftsperson makes them by hand.

You can also add a maille aventail for an additional £100. The aventail is made from 9mm diameter alternating flat and round rings.

7th - 11th Century Domed Spangenhelm