9th Century Frankish Sword - Wallace Collection A456

A Petersen Type K sword that has been based on the Frankish broad sword from the Wallace Collection. Some parts of the engraved design were badly corroded so I used two other very similar swords, specifically the Ballinderry sword and one from the University Museum in Oslo to fill in the blanks.


The sword pictured has a hilt of bronze with twisted silver wire and the grip is bone with ring and dot decoration.

The sword in the Wallace Collection has the remnants of an inscription on the blade, which is now indecipherable so I chose to etch the blade with Ulfberht markings from another 9thC blade on one side. On the other side I have etched symbols IIIC+CIII (the second C is reversed).


Scabbards sold separately.


The blade is made blunt for reenactment battles (minimum 2mm edge and point rounded off to a 25mm diameter)

You can add etched decoration to the blade.​

9th Century Frankish Sword - Wallace Collection A456