12th - 13th Century Chapel du Fer

This Chapel du Fer has been based on the many representations in the Morgan Bible (aka Maciejowski Bible) from the mid 12th Century. A Chapel du Fer or kettle helmet has a wide brim to help deflect projectiles and strikes from above the head.


The Morgan Bible depicts many helmets in different colours, some are even shown with gold leafed sections. Although it is a little later a Kettle Helm (actually converted into a kettle or cauldron) in the British Museum has got residue of paint on it.


You can order my Chapel du Fer in polished steel or painted with gold leafed brim and central band. 


All of my helmets are custom fitted so when ordering a helmet I would need to get some measurements off you in any padding you might plan to wear underneath the helmet. Once I have received an order I will contact you to get the necessary measurements:

Head Circumferance
Width of head (ear to ear) using calipers
Length of head (front to back) using calipers


If you don't have an arming cap already I can provide padded caps for an additional £25. I do not make the caps myself but a fellow craftsperson makes them by hand.

12th - 13th Century Chapel du Fer