Petersen Type C Hand Axe

Petersen Type C axes are used between the 8th - 10th centuries. Type C axes are not found in the UK but found quite regularly in the Scandinavian countries.

My hand forged axes are left forged blackened with the cutting edge polished on sharp axes. I can polish the entire axe head for an extra £50, please specify you want the axe polishing when making your order. 

The blade protector is made from oak and based on a find from Hedeby for a hand axe. If you would like one when you order your axe please select it on the order form.

The haft is made from ash and bottom hafted.


Overall Weight: 760g

Head Weight: 480g

Haft Length: 540mm

Head Length: 150mm

Blade Length: 110mm


Please note all measurements are approximate as each axe is made by hand and there is slight variation with each one.

Petersen Type C Hand Axe

Sharp or Blunt
Hedeby Blade Protector

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