Petersen Type D Hand Axe

Petersen Type D axes come into use in the 9th century. They are thought to be the precursor of Type E and F axes.

My hand forged axes are left forged blackened with the cutting edge polished on sharp axes. I can polish the entire axe head for an extra £50, please specify you want the axe polishing when making your order. 

The blade protector is made from oak and based on a find from Hedeby for a hand axe. If you would like one when you order your axe please select it on the order form.

The haft is made from ash and bottom hafted.


Overall Weight: 760g

Head Weight: 480g

Haft Length: 540mm

Head Length: 150mm

Blade Length: 110mm


Please note all measurements are approximate as each axe is made by hand and there is slight variation with each one.

Petersen Type D Hand Axe

Sharp or Blunt
Hedeby Blade Protector

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