Petersen Type D Spear Head - Pattern Welded

A pattern welded spear based on a find from Braham's Farm near Ely, Cambridgeshire UK.

This type of spear was used during the 8th - 9th Centuries. Winged spears are also referred to as boar spears as some speculate that the wings or lugs are a device to hold a boar at bay and prevent it from lunging down the spear shaft to wound its attacker. However as winged spears are also depicted in battle scenes on manuscripts we have to assume the wings have a military function as well, perhaps for hooking shields and parrying weapons.


The spear head can be made sharp or blunt for reenactment use.


Measurements: Overall length - 45cm

                                     Blade - 34cm

                                   Socket - 11cm


Petersen Type D Spear Head - Pattern Welded

Blade Edge

    © 2020 Stuart Makin, Jackhammer Forge

    Font by Myles Stevens

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