Petersen Type W Planking Axe

Petersen Type W axes are considered to be a wood working tool for cutting and shaping planks from the Early Medieval Period. Several have been found across the UK and they are even portrayed on the Bayeux Tapestry during the ship building scene.

The example on the red back ground is based on the planking axe from Milk Street in London, which is one of the very few Early Medieval axes found in the UK that has a metal wedge, however rather than being fitted into the end of the haft, as with a modern axe, it was found wedged in one side of the axe head.

These axe heads are sharpened and made from hardened and tempered EN9 carbon steel so they are fit for use.
Axe blades can be off set left or right handed or kept central depending on your preference. 

Axe hafts are made from ash and can be bottom or top hafted.

Axes can be supplied with a wooden blade protector for an additional £25.

Please make a note of blade off set and hafting preference when you place your order.

Petersen Type W Planking Axe

Hedeby Blade Protector
Blade Offset

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