Saxon and Viking Axes

There are few weapons quite so evocative of the Viking age than the battle axe, almost inseparable from the image of the viking warrior. I hand forge my axes using measurements from original artefacts or based Petersen's Typology of Axes. There are two main sub categories of axe, Broad Axes for two handed use (also known as Dane Axes or Great Axes) and Hand Axes, which can be used in conjunction with a shield.


Axes can be sharp functional axes, made from heat treated carbon steel or blunt for reenactment use. Decoration can be applied to axes by engraving or inlay. All hafts are made from Ash and bottom hafted unless specified.

If you have a particular axe in mind and cannot see it on my website please feel free to contact me for a quote.

Pile of Axes 1.jpg