Hand Axes

Axes, like many weapons, began life as a tool for cutting and shaping wood, however humans, being the creative creatures that we are, realised that if something is good for chopping wood it is probably also good at chopping people. By the time we reach the Viking Age axes can take quite a few different forms and those forms evolve over the centuries the Vikings were active.

I base all the axes I make on historical examples or on Petersen's Typologies of Axes. All axes can be made sharp and functional or blunt for reenactment use. My functional sharp axes are hand forged from EN9 carbon steel and heat treated to hold a cutting edge. My blunt axes are made from case hardened mild steel, cutting edges are no less than 2mm and all corners are rounded off to a 10mm radius. All hafts are made from ash and bottom hafted.

If you have a historical example of an axe you would like a copy of please get in contact for a quote.