Saxon and Viking Spears

Spears are the most commonly used weapon throughout the Saxon and Viking period. They can be of fairly plain construction or they can be very elaborate with pattern welded blades, silver and bronze inlay and engraved stylised beasts. It is clear from the finds, manuscript evidence and saga references that the spear was a highly regarded piece of war gear. 

I make my spears mainly based on Petersen's Typology of Spears and I am happy to reproduce accurate copies of exact finds including all the embellishments you might find on a high status Viking or Saxon spear head.

All spears can be made sharp or suitable fore reenactment use. It is necessary to specify which at the time you place your order. Reenactment spears are made from hardened and tempered spring steel. Edges are a minimum of 2mm and points are a minimum 10mm swelling. If your group's safety specifications are different to this please get in touch with your specific needs using the contact button below.