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About Jackhammer Forge

My name is Stuart Makin and I set up Jackhammer Forge in 2018.

I have been blacksmithing since 2002 where once a week a very generous DT teacher would give up his lunch break to teach me the basics of forging. Following this I gained a lot of my skills at Warwickshire College where I completed the National Diploma of Blacksmithing and Metalworking.

After working as a full time smith for a while I decided to sign up for the Artist Blacksmithing Degree at Hereford College of Arts. It was here that my desire to explore and develop designs and ideas flourished. I love to take an idea from a concept on a piece of paper, through the making process and ultimately see the real life finished product.

In October 2015 I was awarded the Diploma of Merit for work of distinction in the craft of Blacksmithing by the Worshipful Company of Blacksmiths

I also have an avid passion for history and really enjoy making replicas of ancient artefacts. There is a great thrill in researching and handling an object to reproduce it as closely as possible using the same techniques as the original smith. As a re-enactor of many years this is one thing that helps me feel closer to our ancestors than any other. 

Stuart Makin, blacksmith, forge welding a pattern welded spear head on a massey powerhammer whilst a gas forge burns in the back ground

Photo courtesy of Mike South Photography

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